Welcome To the HIMALAYA COLLEGE OF NURSING established by Himalaya Educational Trust, Chiksi, Sigori, Paliganj, Patna, Bihar, PIN-801110.. To allow our PROGRAMME TRAINING to meet the GLOBAL CHALLENGE.OUR EXPERIENCE & OUTREACH IN PROVIDING TECHNICAL EDUCATION IS WELL ACCEPTED. The mix of nursing education & technology on par with the higher learnings strategies of the competing world is our focus at present. In this regard , it is important to remember that today , society is on the brink of a global challenge. We have gone ahead in many respects as a country. But there are still areas that require attention, care and concern. The areas found by our think-tanks are the “national norms in nursing education & training”. “The purpose of the best nursing institute in chiksi,bihar” is to provide skilled , competent, professional staff in the field of nursing science to support the medical profession. The aim of nursing science education The curriculum is structured to provide educational resources for the advancement of skills. The emphasis of the nursing science education programme is on getting employed in government or in private sector & developing a cadre of small entrepreneurs, especially from amongst girls, women, scs, sts, rural youth as well. So, Thus, this program, conceived as ‘total employment training for total development, ‘ focuses on the concept of turning the unskilled into the skilled.